Is Snoring Keeping You Up at Night?

Is Snoring Keeping You Up at Night?

This week we have been celebrating sleep and most of us have been getting plenty of it, but there are over 15 million of us in the UK that suffer from snoring and that’s not counting the millions who are affected by somebody else snoring.

Whilst it is a common condition, National Stop Snoring Week aims to raise awareness about the impact that sleep deprivation can have on the human body and general health. For many of us, a good night’s sleep is something that we could only wish for but is actually vital for our health. Some of the benefits of a good night’s sleep are listed below:

Improve Memory

“If you are trying to learn something, whether it’s physical or mental, you learn it to a certain point with practice but something happens while you sleep that makes you learn it better” says Dr. Rapoport.

Live longer

While we sleep our bodies are hard at work recharging and optimising our body’s functions. A recent study found that those who slept less than seven hours a night on average were three times more likely to get sick and suffer health issues than those who averaged at least eight hours.

Enhances Creativity

REM sleep helps to make people more creative by enhancing the brain’s ability to create networks of related concepts.

Helps to maintain a healthy weight

Not suffering from tiredness in the day means that you are less likely to reach for that can of Coke or crave the chocolate bar in the back of the cupboard, therefore helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

Lowers stress

The Sleep-Stress Cycle, proposed by the APA, shows that adults who sleep fewer than eight hours per night are more likely to report symptoms of stress.

To read more about the importance of sleep and National Stop Snoring Week, you can visit their website.

At Default Blue, the average hours sleep per night ranges from 5 to 8 hours, but that seems to be more influenced by young families rather than snoring. Either way, creativity is very important in a design and marketing agency so we recognise the importance to our health of getting more sleep.

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