The Shifting Landscape of Buyer-Seller Relationships

The Shifting Landscape of Buyer-Seller Relationships

In the past, the healthcare sales model has been driven very much by the relationship between the manufacturer’s sales team and the clinical professionals. Today, relationships are arguably more important, however these relationships are with much broader range of people.

Clinicians are now often seen as advisors into those decisions which require efficiency and value to be justified. Previously, clinicians relied on sales people to supply them with product information, which today, the internet can give them.

As a result, the role of the sales team has developed and they are required to provide product support to buyers. There is a separate need for well-educated experts who have the tools and knowledge to influence buyers.

At Default Blue we understand that the landscape of relationships between healthcare sellers and buyers is constantly developing, we advise and encourage our clients to create material that supports this.

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