Our Top 5 Packaging Design Tips

Our Top 5 Packaging Design Tips

After all of the hard work that has been put into getting your product just right, it is essential that you make sure that you get your packaging perfect! In a world where we are told not to judge a book by its cover, your customers certainly will. Therefore, producing good branding and desirable packaging is particularly important.

We have put together our essential tips when thinking about your packaging design…

Be creative and unique

Good quality and creative packaging stands out on the shelf and entices customers. Once they have picked up the product they can truly see how much consideration has been put into the design of the packaging, this is likely to influence them to buy your product.

Know the power of colours and fonts

Getting the balance between eye-catching and gaudy can be hard. Colours should complement and enhance the product with the help of a typeface that is distinctive but still readable and works well with the product and brand logo. It is important to also consider the fit of the design of your product packaging within that product category.

Be clear

It is important that your customer looks at your packaging and knows exactly what they’re getting. Imagery and language should be clear about what you’re selling, this ensures that the customer is not mislead and that their attention isn’t lost by confusion over what the product is.

Make sure your design works everywhere

Beyond the obvious of wanting your product to stand out, it is important that your packaging photographs well if you’re going to be selling it online or if it is printed in a newspaper or magazine. You might even want to create promotional materials alongside your product, therefore it is essential that the packaging is designed with multiple uses in mind.

Choose the right agency for you

An experienced agency will not only help you with developing your branding, product design, marketing and packaging design but also keep your budget in check and provide you with the relevant information and knowledge you need.

At Default Blue we have a wealth of experience in branding and packaging design. If you require any more information on how we can help you or for some more information on our recent packaging design projects contact us on 01522 788866 or email us at studio@defaultblue.com.

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