Nexon Exhibition Graphics

Creation of large-scale graphics for a national exhibition.

As a continuation of a series of print advertising recently created for the Nexon Group, we applied the same brand style across the panels of a custom-built exhibition stand. The brief was to make the Nexon Group itself the main focus of the artwork but to also highlight each of the sub-brands and their national distribution capabilities.

Client: Nexon Group
Sector: Healthcare

Nexon Exhibition GraphicsNexon Exhibition GraphicsNexon Exhibition Graphics

Project Development

Following the success of the stand at the initial exhibition, spaces were booked at two additional events requiring the artwork to be developed to fit the adapted stand design, both of which required artwork creating for additional panels to be seamlessly added to the original design.

Impact and Results

The client was pleased enough with the design to expand there previous exhibition programme, having confidence in the impact and overall message of the stand artwork and also in our ability to develop the artwork further for any potential future exhibitions.

Nexon Exhibition GraphicsNexon Exhibition Graphics