Lille Healthcare

Rebrand of Product Packaging and Healthcare Marketing Support Materials.

The Lille Healthcare range of products for the management of incontinence is a market leader in France and widely used in the UK, Germany and Eastern Europe. As experts in this particular area of healthcare marketing, we were asked to rebrand the Lille product range to give it a fresh and modern appeal and to design a suite of marketing support materials to help grow the brand.

Client: Ontex BVBA
Sector: Healthcare


Introducing the brand new Lille Orbital Shapes

The concept behind the Orbital Shapes was to create a series of unique graphics for the updated product packaging artwork that conveyed the feeling of free flowing air, highlighting the 100% breathable nature of the Lille products, using concentric lines and fluid shapes to help create the visual effect of light and air.

SupremFlex Orbital Shape

Project Development

In addition, we developed all the packaging artwork for the new brand, a new Lille Healthcare website, a product catalogue and a range of Fitting Guide films in different languages.

Alongside this the Default Blue studio developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency of brand presentation across the many different territories where Lille Healthcare products are marketed, often via local design agencies.

Impact and Results

The client was very happy with the result and the reaction to the design changes from their customers has been extremely positive. The new marketing support material that will support the growth of global sales for the Lille Healthcare brand has also been particularly well received.