Branding and product packaging for innovative new brand of disposable gloves.

This client approached us for a complete rebrand of their hygienic disposable gloves range which featured a unique dispensing system, giving their product a significant competitive edge.  As well as rebranding the packaging and designing all the support materials, we were also asked to come up with an original name for the new dispensing system.

Client: Gloves4U Limited
Sector: Healthcare

Introducing the FirstHand Hygiene Dispense System

We began with the creation of a new Gloves4U logo then developed the distinctive circular “Fingerprint” graphics and named/designed the “FirstHand Hygiene Dispense System” logo, then applied it all to the modern packaging design. Another key element was the creation of the unique product colour coding system used to easily identify each product through its colour combination.

Gloves4U Logo
Vinyl Fingerprint
FirstHand Logo
G4U Product Colour Palette
G4U Blue Vinyl PF Glove Box
G4U Latex Glove Box
G4U Premium Blue Nitrile PF Glove Box

Impact and Results

Having been supplied with a full suite of branding and marketing materials the client was very pleased with the success of the project and was able to take all the assets forward knowing full well that they would work together as a consistent and strong brand identity.