European Sales Toolkit

The European Sales Toolkit is an extensive suite of promotional materials showcasing the products and services of this international healthcare client.

Our international healthcare client came to us with the idea of creating a standardised series of marketing literature which would provide a consistent way of presenting their products and services to existing and prospective clients.  The brief also included the need to be able to tailor the literature to meet the differing needs of customers in territories across Europe and the Rest of the World. In effect, they wanted a flexible ‘sales toolkit’ to help them present and sell their products and services in a consistent way – no matter where in the world they were based.

After undertaking an initial research exercise to gain a better understanding of how the business operated in its major healthcare markets in Europe and working in partnership with the client to get our initial concepts approved, the team embarked on a 6 month project to design a suite of literature ranging from simple Case Studies to extensive Product Catalogues.

Client: Ontex BVBA
Sector: Healthcare

Binder Cover Concept

The Concept

Introducing the Brand Circle — perfectly encapsulating all of the Ontex brands into one simple and effective graphic by merging the individual brand colours to create a flexible branding system that can be adapted and developed across all marketing materials.

The breakdown graphic shows how each of the individual brands are represented within the blended circle graphic. This can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with the blended circle within the over all brand design.

Brand Circle Concept
Brochure Cover Concept

Concept Development

We developed the initial Brand Circle concept by producing visuals showing how this can be applied to the cover of a brochure, which is how most of the promotional material will take form. Firstly creating a basic template showing how the Brand Circle can work cohesively with the other Ontex brand elements, then taking that a step further by positioning it “within” imagery to easily differentiate one brochure from the next while retaining the same core design.

Brochure Cover Image Concept
Brochure Cover Image Concept
Brochure Cover Image Concept

Client Feedback

Having presented the idea behind the Brand Circle to the client, they were fully on board with the concept but they had some reservations about how this interacted with the people-focused imagery.

While the circular graphic was intended to be a “point of focus” to show that the product/service users were at the centre of everything they do, it was of the clients opinion that the visual “targeting” of people within the imagery could have negative connotations, especially as these decisions were being made in Brussels during a time when acts of terrorism very close to home were changing how people viewed the world around them.

The outcome of this was to continue developing the artwork with the Brand Circle at the centre of the project but to remove the interaction of the circular graphic with people-focused imagery.

Brochure Spread
Brochure Spread

Final Outcome

The visuals shown here outline how the artwork was developed following the clear client feedback. The imagery was people/service focused with the brand colours overlaid, not only to stylise and allow the use of pullout quotes but to also set the image back visually to allow the white pages of content to be more at the forefront within the overall document. The Brand Circle graphic device was used more sparingly to simply and clearly establish that each of the documents belonged to the suite of materials within the European Sales Toolkit.

Service Catalogue Cover
iD Product Catalogue Cover
Lille Product Catalogue Cover
Product Fitting Guide Cover
Incontinence Guide Cover
Skincare Guide Cover

Impact and Results

The client was delighted with the design work and we organised a small print-run to help launch the project to the Business Unit and Marketing Managers from all their major territories.  After the initial successful launch meeting, our client was then asked to present the work to the main group board as an example of best practice in marketing across the group.

Presentation Box
Presentation Box Open