International Nurses Day 2018

International Nurses Day 2018

Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day on May 12th celebrated the contribution nurses make to societies around the world. The date is strongly significant, being the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. This year the these is ‘Health is a Human Right’.

Florence Nightingale first came to prominence in 1854 while serving as a manager of nurses trained by her during the Crimean War. She  became an icon of Victorian culture, especially in the persona of “The Lady with the Lamp” making rounds of wounded soldiers at night.

In 1860, she laid the foundation of professional nursing with the establishment of her nursing school at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. It was the first secular nursing school in the world and is now part of King’s College London. In recognition of her pioneering work in nursing, both the Nightingale Pledge taken by new nurses, and the Florence Nightingale Medal (the highest international distinction a nurse can achieve) were named in her honour.

In our 17 years in healthcare marketing we’ve met many nurses, mainly at the exhibitions and conferences we’ve helped our healthcare clients with and most of these have been Continence Care specialists. We’re in awe of anyone who can do this job, especially with the dedication, skill and sense of humour that the vast majority of these nurses possess.  We’ve even seen a nurse from North East Essex successfully change a pad (on a mannequin) whilst blindfolded, in under 14 seconds!

So, for International Nurses Day this year, the team at Default Blue would like to particularly acknowledge the amazing contribution made by Continence Care nurses who, despite the special challenges of their jobs, are truly a credit to their profession.

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