5 things to consider when thinking about rebranding

5 things to consider when thinking about rebranding

At Default Blue, we have undertaken various rebranding projects and know that whilst it is very exciting it is a large project to commit to.

When deciding your process for rebranding we have put together our top 5 things to consider:

 1. Evaluate your existing brand value
It is very likely that your existing brand holds some power. Taking the opportunity to look over what is being said about you online, in blogs and in the press will enable you to guide your rebranding strategy. Doing this will help you to identify what worked, what didn’t and what you would like to protect from your current brand.

2. Understand why you are rebranding
Your strategy to rebranding will be very different depending on the circumstances of which you are choosing to rebrand. This could be from experiencing bad press or because you want to acquire new assets, ensure that you work with an agency that can help you understand best how to reach the market and create positive results.

3. Why is your rebrand different
Identify what makes your brand different and identify what you makes you stand out from your competitors. Your target audience need to be able to understand what your unique value proposition is.

4. Establish what success looks like
What does success look like for your company? Whether this is reaching a new target audience or gaining a larger share of the market you need to determine how much you would like to allocate to the project and could depend on what you expect in return.

5. Execute your rebranding strategy
Once you have established these first four points all that is left is to execute the strategy and get creative! You need to ensure that you are working with a marketing and design agency that understand your business and what you want to achieve.

We have worked on a range of rebranding projects and pride ourselves on being a marketing and design agency that take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve through your branding project.

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