Engaging Customers with Healthcare Brands

Engaging Customers with Healthcare Brands

For many years healthcare companies have been reluctant to experiment with new ways of communicating due to regulations and internal corporate culture. However, some companies and brands have begun to explore and test how they can communicate with patients and healthcare professionals.

Within the healthcare industry, strategies including humour and storytelling have helped to improve customer experience as they are forming a persona that is allowing them to engage with customers.

Philips healthcare, 2016 pharma Grand Prix winner, told a heart-warming story about patients with respiratory conditions. The company relied on the viewer to engage with the video on an emotional level instead of being given information about the clinical benefits of the product.

Today, videos increasingly link to the emotional truths of the condition and rely on gaining empathy from the viewer rather than listing the benefits of the product, which many healthcare organisations are used to.

Engaging with customers is now second nature to many packaged healthcare goods companies including brands like Dove where, in this post-truth world, organisations need to be far more strategic in how they approach things like creativity.

It is important for companies to have a sound understanding of their customer base to allow them to communicate their message effectively with maximum impact.

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