Creative Campaigning

Creative Campaigning

With campaigning finished, polls closed and uncertainty in front of us, we have taken a look back over how the battle for parliament played out on social media.

Campaigning for the UK general election 2017 saw parties leaving behind the more traditional methods of advertising and focusing predominantly on social media, including Facebook advertising. Here the public and unofficial channels took the opportunity to mock and create humour out of party leaders and their campaigns.

Labour were subject to a fair bit of comedy, one example from JOE came from Corbyn’s apparent popularity within the Grime community.

Whilst campaigning at Conservative HQ was no joke, the public took to Twitter to poke fun at the Conservative campaign in the form of many photoshopped images of Teresa May including…


The use of social media in this years’ campaigns has not only seen a vast number of memes, but also increased discussion especially among young people.

You can read more about the ‘Ads, Memes and LOLs’ of the general election in this article.

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