Breaking Taboos in Marketing

Breaking Taboos in Marketing

For many years feminine hygiene brands have used a clear blue liquid to portray blood absorbing into their products, the blue liquid is seen to represent cleanliness and hygiene. In a bid to break the taboo of periods, Bodyform have become the first brand in the UK to use a more realistic red colour liquid in its latest advertising campaign.

The #bloodnormal campaign shows a series of real life references including a young man purchasing pads, a woman in the shower with blood running down her leg and a woman turning up to a fancy dress party as a bloodied sanitary towel. Interestingly, market research conducted by Bodyform shows that 61% of women think that the representation of periods in feminine hygiene advertising is unrealistic.

“If something is a taboo, it’s going to be difficult at times. Periods are a normal thing, but even in Western society it does ultimately have an impact on women’s confidence. And our brand has a right to discuss and debate this issue, as we’re in that arena,” Nicola Coronado, marketing director for Bodyform owner Essity, told Marketing Week.

The digital marketing campaign aims to challenge the stigma of periods and hopes that the more people see it, the more it becomes normal.

At Default Blue we will work with you to devise a strategy that aims to creatively break taboos and start discussion.

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