Why Brands Need Brand Guidelines

Why Brands Need Brand Guidelines

Coming from a design and marketing studio we will, of course, always claim that a good brand needs good brand guidelines. And we are not just saying that because we like doing them, brand guidelines are vital for maintaining consistency and really help anchor a brand to its core message and service. Here’s some of the top reasons why your brand could probably do with some decent brand guidelines.

Consistency is key

Step one of your brand is complete. You have decided on a logo, it looks great and your company is really starting to look professional. Next thing you know a supplier has made a sign for your and has used completely the wrong colour for your logo. A simple set of brand guidelines would have prevented this. Brand guidelines in their most basic form will dictate what you can and can’t do with your logo, colour and typeface, ensuring that your brand looks clean, concise and professional. However, brand guidelines can be more comprehensive, especially for larger companies where the brand consistency must be maintained across many different platforms with hundreds of touch points.

It’s not just about design

A comprehensive set of guidelines can truly bring your brand to life. Your brand has a motive, a story and a unique selling point. These aren’t necessarily expressed in your design, but are just as vital as your logo and colour choices. Communicating these areas of your brand in your guidelines will help others to understand your brand better, ensuring your message is always presented in the best way it can be.

Give your brand a voice

Tone of voice helps to really give your brand a personality. Placing clear guidance on tone of voice in your guidelines ensures anything written for your brand sounds the same. Everyone writes in a unique way, so it is very easy for your brand’s voice to be lost within the writer’s own style. This could potentially cause your brand to alienate its target market, so consistency of tone of voice is vital for all your brand communications.

Hey, isn’t that…?

Your brand needs to be recognisable and you must ensure it resonates beyond just a logo. Its style is clear and defined, so that even without a name to reference they know its your company. a set of Brand Guidelines can really help anchor your brand, ensuring consumers can always recognise your company from even the most simple of elements. The more recognisable your brand is, the more likely it is to stick in the consumer’s mind.

Great quality, little effort

If your brand guidelines are done well enough, one of the key things they achieve is to make things easier for you. A professional designer will take your guidelines and design a leaflet, following your grid system, using your agreed imagery and abiding by what the guidelines allow. Following the brand guidelines will save a lot of time and make it easier for everyone; and most importantly it will produce great results.

At Default Blue we have a wealth of experience in branding and brand guidelines. If you require any more information on how we can help you contact us on 01522 788866 or email us at studio@defaultblue.com.

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