A Healthy Election

A Healthy Election

In less than a week we will all be heading to the polling stations to place our votes for the General Election. As a healthcare marketing and design agency we have taken a quick look at how the two main parties differ in their position on health and the NHS. According to their manifestos:

The Conservative party propose:

  • Increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8bn in real terms over the next five years
  • Make it a priority in Brexit negotiations that the 140,000 staff from EU countries can carry on their contributions to NHS and social care
  • Build and upgrade primary care facilities, mental health clinics and hospitals
  • Recover the cost of medical treatment from non-UK residents

The extra funding that is proposed by the Conservative party is significant, however, in comparison to Labour’s sum it is relatively modest.

Labour pledge to:

  • Scrap the NHS pay cap and commit to over £30bn in extra funding over the next parliament
  • One million people to be taken off NHS waiting lists by guaranteeing access to treatment within 18 weeks
  • Free parking in NHS England for patients, staff and visitors
  • Increase funding to GP services and protecting mental health budgets

Delivering these pledges will be expensive and it isn’t too clear where all of this money will come from, however if successful, will help the NHS to meet future demands and costs.

At Default Blue we hope that whichever way the result goes next Thursday, there is sufficient funding provided to bring the improvements to the NHS that we all would like to see.

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