7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Exhibiting

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Exhibiting

For many organisations exhibitions have been found to generate more sales leads than any other sales tool. They also help to maximise your future pipeline, speed up sales processes and help to close sales effectively.

With this in mind we decided to put together our seven tips to allow you to get the most out of exhibiting…

1. Do the research
Before committing to exhibiting it is important to visit the show as an attendee. This will give you valuable insight into the organisations that are exhibiting and potential competition, whilst also gaining an understanding of the types of visitors and if they fit within your target market.

2. Set your objectives
Now you have committed to the show it is important to set out some objectives that you can evaluate against after the exhibition.

3. Know how you’re going to stand out
Creating a pitch that is engaging and presents a solution to meet a specific customer need within a minute or less is a challenge but there are many ways to tackle this. Showing your product or service off on a phone, TV or tablet is a great way to do this.

4. Make your stand inviting
The design of the stand is vital as many exhibitors make the mistake of trying to fill their stand space with furniture and products, which in some instances, can put off people engaging with you on the stand. It is important to leave the right amount of space so that people feel comfortable approaching you on the stand. The stand design should be used to attract visitors and be memorable it is also important that they are consistent with the organisations branding and your message.

5. Manage your budget effectively
It is important to know what you should be spending your money on and what you shouldn’t.

6. Network
Talk to everyone, everywhere – you never know what your next connection could lead to!

7. Follow up and evaluate
Post show activities need to include following up leads and reaching out to new contacts. It is also important to gauge return on investment and evaluate success against the objectives you set out.

At Default Blue we have a dedicated team that will manage, design and deliver experiences that tell your story in ways that customers will remember and share.

For more information on how we can help you at your next show give us a call on 01522 788866 or email us at studio@defaultblue.com.

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