iD eLearning Tool

Design and development of RCN Accredited eLearning Tool

As time and budgets become increasingly scarce in the Healthcare market, eLearning has become an increasingly popular way of training professionals in both the NHS and the private sector. As an expert healthcare design agency, Default Blue was briefed to work closely with the Ontex project team in the UK and Belgium to develop an eLearning tool for their UK and Ireland business.

Client: Ontex Healthcare UK
Sector: Healthcare


Challenge and Design Approach

The eLearning source materials were provided by a team including a number of independent clinicians and Ontex’s own very experienced representatives from across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. From these we designed a series of 12 course modules, all presented in the newly created eLearning brand style and featuring quizzes for each module and a printable certificate for everybody who successfully completes the courses.


In order to achieve the best result for our client, we also created a series of technical healthcare illustrations which demonstrated the relevant functions of the body in a clear and consistent fashion. In addition to this we also proposed, created and produced two sizes of promotional folders to inform customers about the launch of eLearning and even applied for the relevant professional accreditations on behalf of our client.


Impact and Results

The eLearning tool was launched at the ACA conference in Glasgow and proved to be extremely popular with everybody who tried it out on the exhibition stand. We were delighted to achieve immediate accreditation from the Royal College of Nurses for all modules. This accreditation gives the eLearning tool the full endorsement of the RCN which will considerably add to its value as an educational tool in the Healthcare Market. Additional modules have already been commissioned.