Not All Disabilities are Visible

Not All Disabilities are Visible

Developmental disorders, mental health illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS are just a few examples of hidden disabilities.

We often forget that there are such disabilities that aren’t always obvious, like Crohn’s disease, autism and irritable bowel syndrome. This is why, over the past year, Asda have been introducing new signs to make toilets accessible to those with hidden disabilities.

The introduction of the sign was inspired by a mother and daughter from the Newark area. Evalynn, who suffers from ADHD and autism, used the disabled toilet in the Asda store in Newark but was questioned by another customer when leaving who said that they ‘didn’t look disabled’. “Evalynn can be affected by the noise of the hand dryer as well as queues and crowds of people” her mother told the supermarket.

The new signs are succeeding in making sure that all customers feel comfortable using their facilities and after the sign was shared online, other people with disabilities that aren’t always visible said that they have had similar experiences and shared these on social media.

Since this time the signs have been noticed and praised by charities including Crohn’s and Colitis UK and who support people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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